• We Make It Easy!

    Having an experienced international tax accountant is crucial when filing. With INTAXACT you not only get executive level insight, but the promise of unrivaled service, including:

    No Up Front Costs!

    There are no catches or gimmicks, you pay NO MONEY DOWN. You are charged for services provided only AFTER you receive your draft of the completed forms!

    Taxes Done Right—Quickly and Easily

    We strive to make tax filing an easy process, that’s why INTAXACT offers simple forms and secure, online access to your account. And with 25+ years of experience, you can be sure that your taxes will be done correctly and in full accordance with both state and federal laws.

    All Forms Filed

    By using INTAXACT, Expats can be sure that all of the necessary tax forms and schedules will be filed—and at no extra charge! This includes, Forms 1040, 2555, 1116, TD F 90-22.1, 4868 and more!)

    Expats: Speak with an experienced CPA now! There is NO COST or OBLIGATION, simply fill out the simple form on the right and find out more information about having your Federal Tax forms filed for just $299—which includes FREE IRS Audit Insurance!
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