About Us

At INTAXACT, our philosophy and approach to representing you is guided by the Judge’s quote above. Our goal is to provide our clients with fast, professional, accurate and reasonably priced tax and accounting services, with the highest level of insight and expertise across the broad spectrum of tax services. Taxes and tax laws are confusing and can be overwhelming; we guarantee that we will make it a process that is as easy as possible, and to act as your guide by answering questions and providing solutions that are tailored to just your situation.

We are a US-based company that relies on in-house CPAs, all with over 25 years of business and tax experience, and spanning across a number of industries. We possess a true understanding and appre ciation for how a successful business functions. Our extensive work with multinational companies also gives us key insight into the operational and tax issues that expatriate U.S. citizens face.

We look forward to being of service.